Mar 20, 2013

The lesson plan

It's telling that when times get tough - I go back to what I love 1) my Lord and Savior -- although He never leaves me - it is I that wonder off like a inquisitive child chasing a pretty butterfly .. Times like this I feel myself Calling out- now that I see how far I've run. 2) this blog.. I have a blog but I'm not a blogger. This is an open diary of thoughts , embarrassing moments , successes and fears. MS update : you sneaky little thief! You came in like a bandit and stole the joy I had just laying around . I should have locked it up, hidden it in my heart, or treasured it more. My MS has flared up again, leg pains that I can't explain - that cause me to sit out on ski trips that I'd already paid for - that have me debating on whether I can should accept invitations to go out if the place doesn't have chairs. It's affected my concentration - what was easy is now an effort. Did I mention the solumedrol IV that's given me the gift of 7lbs. I'm now 9 days into Gilenya a new med and despite all that's going on.. I have to remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm keeping it simple : today's lesson is ---> Be grateful for today

Jan 18, 2011

Still here

Hi all,

I'm here..

MS is still here

- I'm still reading your blogs, but I've been pretty quiet..

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.. on New Years Eve...5..4..3..2...1 Happy New Year.. 2011 came in with tears, not of hopelessness but tears just the same.

We cried seperately, I'm not sure if we will ever cry together. And now we act, we move on , we fight, we smile becuase we live another day, with MS and Cancer.  We live.

God --You must trust us - you said you wouldn't put more on us than we can bear..This is pretty dang heavy)

- I've been thinking about changing to the MS diet.. I feel great, but stress is all crouching at my door. My

Jul 1, 2010

Need Advice!!! Do I have to tell friends about MS??

I'm going on the Dominican Republic in about 7 days!!!!

I'm so excited - I can't wait to get on sandy beaches and feel the wind in my hair.. Ok what on earth could be bothering me??
Well everytime I travel to a humid state - I have trouble with the heat when I 1st arrive. It's like my body needs to get used to being that hot with no relief.. I live in Colorado so we don't have humidity. I have shortness of breath and it's a little scary . .. it happened in Aruba and Miami and on my recent trip to Florida..

I like my travel mates but I don't want to tell them about my MS... I 've kept my diagnosis to a small group of friends and family and these ladies are my friends but they frankly don't need to know...

Should I tell them for principles sake ... I hate that I even have to think about this...

with 3 other ladies -

Jun 28, 2010

Tanning and other news..

Wow - It's been a minute...

So tomorrow, I have oral surgery (not related to MS) - I'm sooo not looking forward to this but it has to happen. - I think it's making my MS flare up a small bit..

Feeling tired and sluggish. - more than usual. I'm not sure if that's the Rebif or just MS..

on other news. Don't judge me but I got a spray tan. Now that wouldn't be major news other than the fact that I am African American and quite a chocolate shade at that. You are probably asking why would I EVER do that... I probably would lose my "black" card if I was found out lol .. Kidding.. there's not a card.. :)
- Well a friend told me that when African Americans get spray tanned it gives our skin an amazing glow and takes away the un-even tones in our skin. She was RIGHT!! It looks amazing - I'm by no means hooked but I would def do it again..

I think the funniest part was waking into the Denver Tanning Salon in a room full of my Caucasian sisters. - They weren't sure if used to be white and had gotten the best tan ever or if i was lost.. It was hilarious!!

Here's to a summer of trying new things..

What have you tried?

Sep 28, 2009

let me know if I'm the only one that does this...

Do you ever...

- Look at others who are so carefree..thinking I used to be just like you..

- Roll your eyes when folks complain..

I caught myself rolling my eyes at a friend that was complaining about how tired she was from all the traveling she had to do for work.. Umm.. tired.. i'll show you tired.. Try the day after effects from Rebif! I know that's not entirely fair but hey ...this is my blog! :)

Sep 23, 2009

I'm still here...

I'm still here ..
Those 3 words mean more than you think. If you are reading this and you are going through something, just remember that you are still here.

I have alot to share about what's been going on with me so stay tuned..

Still single .. (Well look on the bright side, I don't have to change the name of my blog) ;)

Jul 6, 2009

True Blood - Where are you?

Where is my new episode of True  Blood tonight? 

I was looking forward to seeing:
-What is in the heck is Maryanne? - Is she a shapeshifting pig?
- Is Sookie going all Twilight on me and wanting to be a vampire?

Anyone else watching this?