Jun 28, 2010

Tanning and other news..

Wow - It's been a minute...

So tomorrow, I have oral surgery (not related to MS) - I'm sooo not looking forward to this but it has to happen. - I think it's making my MS flare up a small bit..

Feeling tired and sluggish. - more than usual. I'm not sure if that's the Rebif or just MS..

on other news. Don't judge me but I got a spray tan. Now that wouldn't be major news other than the fact that I am African American and quite a chocolate shade at that. You are probably asking why would I EVER do that... I probably would lose my "black" card if I was found out lol .. Kidding.. there's not a card.. :)
- Well a friend told me that when African Americans get spray tanned it gives our skin an amazing glow and takes away the un-even tones in our skin. She was RIGHT!! It looks amazing - I'm by no means hooked but I would def do it again..

I think the funniest part was waking into the Denver Tanning Salon in a room full of my Caucasian sisters. - They weren't sure if used to be white and had gotten the best tan ever or if i was lost.. It was hilarious!!

Here's to a summer of trying new things..

What have you tried?

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