Jul 1, 2010

Need Advice!!! Do I have to tell friends about MS??

I'm going on the Dominican Republic in about 7 days!!!!

I'm so excited - I can't wait to get on sandy beaches and feel the wind in my hair.. Ok what on earth could be bothering me??
Well everytime I travel to a humid state - I have trouble with the heat when I 1st arrive. It's like my body needs to get used to being that hot with no relief.. I live in Colorado so we don't have humidity. I have shortness of breath and it's a little scary . .. it happened in Aruba and Miami and on my recent trip to Florida..

I like my travel mates but I don't want to tell them about my MS... I 've kept my diagnosis to a small group of friends and family and these ladies are my friends but they frankly don't need to know...

Should I tell them for principles sake ... I hate that I even have to think about this...

with 3 other ladies -


  1. Thanks for finding my blog! I think you should tell your friends. The more people in the world who know that plenty of "normal" people live with MS the better! We shouldn't be ashamed to share about our illness. I struggled with this in year 1 but in year 2 I have a whole new attitude about it! Good luck.

  2. I think you should tell them because #1 it's a part of you and who you are now #2 they are your friends and if anybody will be understanding and supportive, it should be them #3 for practical purposes, it's going to be easier to tell them rather than hide it while you are on vacation.

    I would tell them before you go so it's not the focus of the trip, answer questions they have, tell them what you know, just talk about it. Then, let them know what restrictions you might have and that you don't want it to be a big deal or interfere with your fun. :)

    Btw, you may want to look into a cooling vest. I know it sounds SO horrible, but they are really useful if you are in a place where you can get overheated. The heat affects me terribly and I lived in Florida. I got over my vanity and wore it when I had to and it made me much more comfortable. People were actually jealous of it because they were all sweating and I was cool, literally :)

    Good luck!