Sep 28, 2009

let me know if I'm the only one that does this...

Do you ever...

- Look at others who are so carefree..thinking I used to be just like you..

- Roll your eyes when folks complain..

I caught myself rolling my eyes at a friend that was complaining about how tired she was from all the traveling she had to do for work.. Umm.. tired.. i'll show you tired.. Try the day after effects from Rebif! I know that's not entirely fair but hey ...this is my blog! :)


  1. I know what you mean. There are many times I myself want to roll my eyes but I try to think to myself... Self...Try to understand their complaints because to them it is important. We have said before...It is almost impossible for someone to understand what we go through and how/what we are feeling. But others are lucky enough not to have MS and that is good for them. I wouldn't want them to go through what we do. On the other hand there are many days that we MS'ers are hurting, frustrated, angry and sad. On those days it is nearly impossible to try to sympathize with them.

  2. YES!! I'll admit it, I do the same thing. LOL. Hard to be empathetic to others when your barely crawling some days. It's called being human. LOL. I have one girlfriend that everytime she complains, stops and looks at me and then says, "Look who I'm complaining too"! I have to tell her to PLEASE "complain", I LIKE to hear about "normal" complaints are so I can remember what it was like to have a life BEFORE MS!

  3. You all are right.. When I get out of my funk -it takes my mind off me when I hear about what others are going through.. I will try to roll my eyes less! :)

  4. I just came across your blog from In It For The Parking, I had no idea so many young women with MS were blogging! Yay :)

    Anyway, MS definitely gives you perspective on life. The little things really don't matter, and almost all things we worry about are little. I try VERY hard not to judge people who are dramatic and complain about everything. I just think that they are lucky that they haven't had a reality check and also that everyone has problems, they are just on different levels :).

    Michelle :)