Mar 20, 2013

The lesson plan

It's telling that when times get tough - I go back to what I love 1) my Lord and Savior -- although He never leaves me - it is I that wonder off like a inquisitive child chasing a pretty butterfly .. Times like this I feel myself Calling out- now that I see how far I've run. 2) this blog.. I have a blog but I'm not a blogger. This is an open diary of thoughts , embarrassing moments , successes and fears. MS update : you sneaky little thief! You came in like a bandit and stole the joy I had just laying around . I should have locked it up, hidden it in my heart, or treasured it more. My MS has flared up again, leg pains that I can't explain - that cause me to sit out on ski trips that I'd already paid for - that have me debating on whether I can should accept invitations to go out if the place doesn't have chairs. It's affected my concentration - what was easy is now an effort. Did I mention the solumedrol IV that's given me the gift of 7lbs. I'm now 9 days into Gilenya a new med and despite all that's going on.. I have to remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm keeping it simple : today's lesson is ---> Be grateful for today

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  1. This disease is such an uncaring beast. Thoughtless.

    How did you tolerate the steroids...aside from the weight gain? For me, the week after I was done with the IVs was horrible! I had such cramping and other things... ugh.

    I hope your flare up settles down soon