Jun 1, 2009

Another Break Up

I have a new woman in my life and I think we aren't meant for each other. She doesn't listen to my feelings and I don't feel that she likes me anymore. (She's only with me for the copay) The foundation of any relationship  is trust and communication so let me tell you how we got here. 

Well my doctor diagnosed me so she DOES know I have MS but every time I call her with a symptom to she says it's not MS. 

Symptom #1 - The left side of my face went numb. Only the left side
--> She said it was migraines NOT MS. By the way - it hasn't gone away in 4 weeks and I 've never had migraines.

Symptom #2 - Got overheated and couldn't breathe.  Felt like someone was squeezing me.
-->She said I didn't have asthma and wasn't sure what was wrong with me.

ok - I am getting quite tired of diagnosing myself. I want to trust her judgement about MY body but she poo poos all my symptoms away. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but I if I could give it to her for 1 day I think she would treat me a little differently. So should I break up with her or give her another chance?


  1. Hi Young,

    Couple of questions. Is this doctor your neurologist? Is this neurologist an MS-specific neurologist? If not, please find one. Do you have an MS nurse to call with questions?

    One of the first lessons my neuro teaches: Not everything is MS. The first year of MS, we are each on a very steep learning curve. But know that you are certainly not alone. Many of us have been exactly where you are right now.

  2. Amen, Lisa! You just said it so much better and intelligently than I ever could. My neuro infuriated me so much I gave serious thought to switching, but she must have sensed the danger to her life and changed her ways. By all means, find a neuro that you feel good about, life is too short and MS is too long to deal with sh*t head neuros.

  3. I totally know what you mean. I feel the same way sometimes. This is one of the reasons I switched neurologists. Last summer I had numb feet and it was MS and this spring I had numb feet and he said it could be tarsel tunnel?!?!?! What the heck. I totally know what you are going through and I am so sorry!!! Do what you think is best for YOU.

  4. I went back to my doc and I explained my frustration that she didn't believe me.. She cautioned me on thinking that everything is MS. She said she had a patient that had trouble breathing and told her it was MS so he never checked it out - he had a heart attack the next month because he never got it checked out because he just knew it was MS. I can understand where she's coming from ... so I'm sticking with her for now.. She does specialize in MS and she doesn't BS around so..we are back together..